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College Student Discount Codes for Food, Coffe & Beverages

COMING SOON! Looking for additional local and regional student discounts? Check out the Student Bistro Member Forum! The Forum is a place for students and merchants to post valuable student discount offers by school, state or region.

Here are some student discount offers for coffee:

Dunkin Donuts: sign up for Dunkin' UpDDate and get a free beverage, plus one on your birthday
Starbucks: if your are a Starbicks fan, make sure to sign up for rewards. It's free, and you earn free stuff!
Starbucks Rewards

Here are some printable student discount coupons for food:

Papa Gino's
Pizza Hut - enter your zip code for student savings at your local Pizza Hut
Popeyes Chicken - you can search for a Popeyes restaurants and coupons by state Student Discount Offer

Here are some online student discount offers for food:

Entertainment Coupon Book Discounts for Students - 2 for 1 Discounts on Dining. You can also save on Hotels, Airfare & Activities in your area.
Peapod Discount Offer for Students - $10 off your first order from Student Discount Offer - save 50% on your next meal with a gift certificate from Thousands of remarkable restaurants offer food for a fraction of the cost.
Safeway Discount for College Students - $10 off your first order from
Vons Student Discount Code - $10 off your first order from (click link for the discount code)
Safeway Student Discount Offer
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